Monday, 9 March 2015

Relief Painting Workshop Going To Start in Dehradun, 15th of March To 5th April 2015

Hi Everyone, Relief Painting Workshop Going to start in Dehradun 15th of March to 5th April. If you are interested to join workshop you may register yourself before 15th of March 2015. More Details- you can contact/ whatsapp me- 09013286262

Monday, 8 December 2014

Relief Painting Home Classes Are Available

About Relief Painting:

We excel in Relief Painting. Our Relief painting work is greatly appreciated by art connoisseurs. Relief painting is something which is embossed from the real surface of painting. A mural work on plywood & Mirror can be seized as an instance for relief painting. Relief painting can be something that is in fact embossed or also it can have a delusion of pressure painting. .

Relief paintings are inspirational and uncomplicated. In spite of their amazing designs, they never cease to intrigue. In some paintings, only a few lines can portray the whole sense. The most common feature of a relief painting is that it is fully painted by hands.

> Basically Relief Painting is a Oil Colour base painting.

> Materials:
Water Proof Plywood, POP (Marbles Powder), Fevicol, Oil Color...etc

Friday, 4 May 2012

Learn Art , Craft & Relief Paintings.

Learn Art & Craft Paintings: Learn Art & Craft Paintings in 30th Days at ur Home. Visit This Pantings Blog:
I do my own work when i have time i do Oil Paintings, Tanjore Gold Paintings, Relief work, Glass paintings, Mirror Paintings, Murals Paintings, if You want to learn then contact me...For More Details:-+91-9013286262

Monday, 18 April 2011

For Deatils

Home Classes & Order is also available anywhere in india...More Details...Contact us.